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Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
, including environment, social affairs and crime. nothing should be off the table. my fourth principle of democratic accountability. we need to have a bigger and more significant role for national powers. there is not parliaments that will remain the true source of legitimacy. it is angela merkel has to answer to the great parliament that antonio samaras has to pass measures and i must account on the e.u. budget negotiations come to safeguarding single market. they still and proper respect even fear it to national leaders that we need to recognize that properly on the way the e.u. does business. this principle is fearless. whatever the abridgment are enacted for the euro zone, they must work fairly for those countries inside it or outside it. that will be of particular importance to britain. we are not going to join the single currency, that there is no overwhelming economic region should share the same boundary anymore then the single market. our ability to help set its rules as the principal reason for membership of the european union. it is a vital interest to protect the integrity
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
and interact with clients, and secondly, a hospitable government environment. you had a taxation and a regulatory environment which allowed me to prosper with the fcc making sure the rules were followed, and it encouraged entrepreneurship, and people were respected for the fact that they added to the economy, and now that i have wealth, i can do a lot more to help poor people than i could when i didn't have wealth. my wife scrubbedded the floors sewed clothes, and cut my hair, but now we are blessed by the american dream, and i want to keep it alive for others. the third role is the entrepreneur, the role i played. entrepreneur, hospitable governmental environment, and the workers are what create success in america. we have to keep the three legs of the stool strong and vibrant. >> thank you for the opening statement. i'll ask one or two, and then we'll go around the table. especially interested to hear you talk about obama create the legacy. earlier this week, as you probably know, speaker boehner spoke on society saying the obama administration wants to, quote, annihilate the repub
Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm EST
bienenfeld senior manager environment and energy strategy product regulatory office, american honda motor company incorporated. reg modlin director of regulatory affairs chrysler llc. tom stricker vice president predatory affairs in energy and environmental research, toyota motors north america incorporated and amy, if you would like to get started we will try to get the audience to quiet down. >> thank you for that great introduction. we have two out of three of our panelists so i guess that is the two-thirds majority so we will go ahead and get started. i think that was a great discussion with gina mccarthy and mary nichols and the other experts on that panel. i want to take the big picture and talk about the two sets of regulations that the obama administration proposes and finalized in the last four years. it was certainly a busy first term and now the next four years is really where the bumper hits the road. i would like to ask each of you to talk about what challenges and opportunities he sees and the -- up until at least 2025 about how your companies are going to simultaneously mee
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
that is the environment that we are living in. it was a very interesting panel especially the last one. there is nothing better than congressional staffers actually hear from people who practice medicine. you know, patients are going through their treatments. one of the things that the reality that we suffer with, unfortunately, and this is something we all have to deal with, it is just a physical reality. as he rightly pointed out, it is right now the debate about budget and people are trying to figure how to control costs and figure out savings that are scored by studios. the cbo gets a lot of bad rap from people. but i am a fan. they have a very tough job to do. they always come out and it's a very tough job that they have to do and it's hard to please everyone in a town like washington dc and they try to be the best that can. i afford a lot of respect to them. at the end of the day, that is the reality that we have to operate under. so we get a lot of ideas from utah, we have the great health care system, which is a lot of integrated health care delivery reforms in the most ama
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
stay in their roles ranging from 10 years to 20 years which is very different than the environment that we have grown up in. the ability to take your benefit and consolidated and wrote together so if you start to think about retirement projections you really have a comprehensive idea but you became elated and continue to build on that. we have a study that shows age 20, participant age 20 to 24, 51% of them don't use the planet also there is a portion that isn't engaging. 44% of this population cash out. maybe they get to 4% and you cash them out and they get onto the next next company and they will never accumulate retirement wealth. >> thank you. i want to touch base on a couple of things. financial literacy on the health committee and the labor committee or the pension committee or the education committee, we need to have financial letters he in our schools. i forgot who assigned you -- senator enzi who gave you your big assignment? i would have another set of your students work on a math curriculum that uses all the issues in retirement to teach math but also teach financial li
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5